FSB detains 4 ISIS militants planning attacks on Moscow [Video]

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August 14 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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RIA Novosti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The FSB published an operative video recording of the detention of alleged Islamic state militants who were preparing terrorist attacks in transport and in shopping malls in Moscow.

The footage shows, in particular, how the operatives conduct an analysis of the explosives seized from the detainees.

“We took samples.” According to the samples … this is a tri-peroxide of acetone, a very dangerous initiating explosive,” the employee explained.

For military purposes, this substance is practically not used due to volatility, sensitivity to shocks, heating and other external influences, which is why the process of creating explosive devices based on this substance is dangerous (for this reason, acetone’s triperoxide, as is sometimes written in the media, terrorists call the “mother of Satan”). The thickness of the acetone triperoxide is almost equal to TNT.

The footage show numerous cans with acetone, food soda packs, a large canister with medical hydrogen peroxide and a container with electrolyte. Grenades belonging to detainees, assault rifles and ammunition were also demonstrated.

On Monday, the FSB announced the detention of four members of the ISIS group, who planned terrorist attacks in the capital. The explosions were supposed to be carried out with the help of suicide bombers. The cell consisted of a Russian and three citizens of Central Asian countries.

Later, the court arrested three detainees, natives of Tajikistan.

In recent months, this is the second such special operation in the Moscow region: in May, the FSB reported on the detention of four militants, also citizens of Russia and the states of Central Asia, who were preparing explosions at transport facilities. In both cases, the terrorist attacks were prepared with the participation of the leaders of the Islamic State, who are in Syria.

A veteran of the militia group “Alpha” Sergei Goncharov, said the more defeats ISIS has on the battlefield, the greater will be the problems with countering terrorists in the countries militants come from, including in Russia.

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