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Xi Jinping: US missile defense in South Korea threatens strategic security of China and Russia

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July 4, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– TASS, translated by Tom Winter –

The leader of China stressed that China and Russia will together or individually take adequate measures to protect the security of the two countries and maintain a strategic balance in the region.

BEIJING, July 2. / TASS / 
The deployment of the THAAD US missile defense system in South Korea will disrupt the strategic balance of the region. This was stated by the President of China Xi Jinping in an interview with TASS on the eve of his visit to Moscow.

Damage to the region’s security

“The deployment of the US missile defense system in South Korea will 

  1. seriously damage the interests of the strategic security of the countries in the region, including China and Russia, 
  2. violate the strategic balance of the region, and
  3. will not help denuclearization on the peninsula, let alone preserve stability and peace in the region. 

The Chinese side has already expressed a strong protest and serious concern,” the PRC President stressed.

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“On the topic of THAAD, China and Russia maintain close contacts and coordination at all levels, and we have an identical understanding about its essence and harmfulness. The two sides are strongly opposed to the deployment of the US THAAD system in South Korea, strongly urge the relevant parties to stop its deployment, and cancel the decision,” said Xi Jinping. 

China and Russia, he stressed, will together or individually take adequate measures to protect the security of the two countries and maintain a strategic balance in the region.

Ways of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula

In his view, the crisis around the Korean peninsula should be resolved exclusively through dialogue and consultations; it should be resolved taking into account the justified concerns of all parties involved. 

“China closely follows the developments on the peninsula, adheres to the policy of denuclearization, ensuring peace and stability on the peninsula, and insists on resolving the crisis solely through dialogue and consultations,” Xi Jinping said.

Recalling that the problem of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula “has a long history and is extremely complex,” the PRC President pointed out that it “requires the elimination of both causes and consequences, and necessarily taking into account the justified concerns of all parties involved.”

“In this regard, the Chinese side has put forward a “two-track parallel approach,” meaning the parallel advancement of denuclearization and the creation of a peace mechanism, plus a “double freeze” on North Korea’s nuclear missile activities and large-scale joint exercises of the United States and the Republic of Korea,” he said in the interview.

“The Russian side has clearly expressed support for this: the coordinated approaches and actions of China and Russia are finding more and more supporters in the world community,” the PRC President said.

“We very much hope that the parties involved will positively respond to the efforts of China and Russia to reconcile and advance the negotiation process, fulfill their commitments, show goodwill, and meet each other, which is very important for the speedy solution, placing the peninsula into the mainstream of settlement through dialogue and consultation,” Xi Jinping summarized.

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