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    April 10, 2017

    Russian MoD: Terrorists are pawns in fake revolution schemes

    April 10, 2017 - Fort Russ News - 
    RIA Novosti - translated by J. Arnoldski - 

    John McCain with Syrian terrorists and ISIS founder in 2013

    The overwhelming majority of terrorist organizations do not arise on their own, but are the fruit of outside efforts, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Alexander Fomin, has told RT in the run up to the 6th International Security Conference.

    “Not all terrorist organizations, but I would say a large portion of them, if not the overwhelming majority, do not really arise on their own. They are the fruit and creation of large political, financial, military, and organizational efforts that, as a rule, come from the outside,” Fomin said. 

    According to Fomin, we are now observing a new international phenomenon where terrorists organizations are created “to fulfill someone’s will.” 

    The deputy defense minister added: “Obviously, we are now witnesses to a new international phenomenon in the military and political sense of the word. There are some kind of new techniques for transferring revolutions to other states from the outside, introducing them into these states supposedly suffering from undemocratic regimes, and installing and enforcing on the territory of these states allegedly democratic regime…As a result of this policy, a portion of these states have disappeared from the map, and some of these states are on the brink of such a situation, such as Syria now, and Yemen.”

    The security conference will be held from April 26th-27th. Fomin previously reported that representatives of 78 states, including more than 20 defense ministers, have agreed to be participate in the event. 

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