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    February 17, 2017

    Geneva Negotiations and those Obstructing the Road to Peace

    February 17th, 2017 - Fort Russ News -
    - Al Thawra - written by Ahmed Hamada - translated by Samer Hussein -

    Although it seems that the times now are better than ever for the new round of Geneva negotiations which would help us close one of the darkest chapters in Syria’s history and thus restore the unity, stability and security, there are unfortunately still many who do not share that sentiment and to exactly the opposite.

    At the forefront there is of course the US administration and its regional puppets (in particularly the Turkish state and various extremist groups) who are actively trying to reverse the situation on the ground in their favour, the most recent provocation being the proposed formation of the so-called safe zones within Northern part of Syria. This has already drawn reactions from Russia which is looking at developments in a rather suspicious way as it’s clearly obvious that the latest US stunt is more than just about the “safe zones”.

    These actions do not benefit the situation in Syria in any possible way as they are only postponing the end of war. On one hand The US president Trump vows to fight terrorism with full force as one of his top-priority tasks, but on the other hand his current policy doesn’t seem to include any notable changes as regards the traditional US narrative of the Syrian conflict (the latter, among other things, includes the support for various extremist groups that are destroying Syria) and which is also evident from the recent actions of the US military on the ground as well as statements, given by various US officials. 

    It seems the US policy towards Syria is also heavily influenced by the State of Israel.

    The latter has made a strong impact on the Trump administration recently. We might even say that Netayyahu administration has become a sort of a role model for the Trump administration( as is also evident from Trump’s current attitude towards Mexico – the wall certainly comes to mind).

    For Syria and its ongoing situation, the top priority shall be reaching a settlement that would end the war and restore the much needed security and stability. All parties involved need to come to terms and acknowledge that the solution here is to defeat the terrorist threat, while, at the same time, maintaining Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. This, of course, requires better cooperation between the parties involved. It shall be noted that, in order to achieve the desired goals of the latest negotiations, certain parties involved who happen to be the key actors need to drop their traditional narrative in favour of what has already been mentioned, otherwise no solution is possible.

    Certain political powers often like brag about the united, democratic, sovereign and pluralistic Syria, yet ironically their own actions do exactly the opposite – with every step they take, the situation gets only worse and peace becomes even more distant.
    Actions that result in even more destruction and partition are in no way a solution for the Syrian crisis.

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