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What do the citizens of Armenia think of the armed group holding the police station?

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“The man in the street” approves. Screen capture from video at source

BBC Russian service, July 25, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter July 26, 2016

[The translator, and Fort Russ, are well aware of the BBC’s biases. And the story you get depends on who you choose to interview (I was a journalist in the 60’s). Yet this seemed newsworthy about serious business going on in Armenia, and telling about the BBC slant.]

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The situation in Yerevan remains uptight.
The armed group SasnaTsrer released all their hostages yester, yet the authorities are still in no hurry to storm the police station. One reason is the broad support the broad support the representatives of the armed group among the people of Armenia. 

According to SasnaTsrer they are still demanding the release of Zhirair Sefilyan, the resignation of president Serge Sargsyan, and the formation of a government of popular trust.

Our correspondent Nina Akhmeteli interviewed several passersby on the streets of Yerevan, trying, without any success, to find someone who would disapprove of the actions of the armed group Sasna Tsrer.

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