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It’s personal.

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“Every day they bomb civilians” Photo lifted from Eurasia Daily

Dear Fort Russ readers,
Two years ago today, I got this last message from a Russian-speaking Facebook friend in a city now controlled by Kiev and being ferreted by the SBU:

“Tom, tell people, what they are doing to the people in Ukraine with the support and approval of your government! It’s insanity – Every day they bomb civilians, bombs fall in kindergartens and schools, it’s difficult to impossible to get the children out of Donbass. How can they do it to people just for wanting federalization ?!”

Having started my study of Russian in 2007, I sought out Russian-speaking facebook friends. We helped each other with our languages, with our life events, with the charming minutia of ordinary life. Of course, this all changed, and in 2014, I had a front row seat in a horror movie. Things happening to people I had come to know.

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For their sake, and for my own conscience, I contribute my languages and time. I have to. It’s personal. It is a friend’s assignment that I have accepted. I feel strongly that there is no better use for the time I have left.

Tom, tell people.

It’s personal.

                                                             — Tom Winter

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