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German FM splits with NATO: Symbolic panzer parades on the border are NOT what we should be doing

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In Das Bild, June 18, 2016
Translated from German by Tom Winter June 19, 2016

It is in our interest, Steinmeier asserts, “to integrate Russia in an international partnership of responsibility.” 

Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) has criticized the NATO maneuvers in Eastern Europe and calls instead for more dialogue and cooperation with Russia.
Steinmeier told the Bild am Sonntag: “What we should not be doing now, is inflame the situation with loud saber-rattling and war cries.” 

“Anyone who thinks  symbolic Panzer Parades on the eastern border of the Alliance will bring more security, is wrong. We are well advised not to provide a pretext for the renewal of old confrontation free of charge.”

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According to Steinmeier it would “be fatal now to narrow one’s outlook to just the military and to seek safety only thorough a policy of deterrence [Abschreckungspolitik!].”

History teaches, that there has to be a willingness for dialog and chances for networking in addition to the common will to defend. Thus the Foreign Minister: “And that’s why we need to talk with our partners again with great emphasis on the benefits of disarmament and arms control for security in Europe.”

It is in our interest, Steinmeier asserts, “to integrate Russia in an international partnership of responsibility. The prevention of an Iranian nuclear bomb, the fight against radical Islam in the Middle East or the stabilization of a Libyan state are current examples. “

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