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“ATO Businessman”: UAF volunteers waiting to seize plots of land following “liberation” of Crimea, have no interest in Donbass

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May 14, 2016 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

The famous activist and entrepreneur of the “ATO market”, Roman Donik (in the photo below), has said that many of his friends among the ranks of occupation forces in Donbass are not planning for their plots of land promised by the punitive operation in the hope that they’ll receive them in the future, re-conquered Crimea.

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“I personally know about fifty ATO’ers who are not hurrying to gain any strips of land. They say that they’ll get them in Crimea. All the contractees fighting will go to liberate Crimea,” he reported on his social-network page. The proposal was met with enthusiastic approval among his internet flock in Central Ukraine and, especially, Canada.

“And they will choose there [Crimea], where they like it!” is an example on one of his raving reviews. 

The “ATO businessman” replied the following to the quite reasonable objection of Crimeans themselves: “Better care for your plots and homes. Our boys haven’t come to live there yet. While you’re roaming the streets with your icons, the General Staff has begun to form the 60th Mountain-Infantry Brigade of the UAF. The Crimean one, made up exclusively of volunteers.” 

Russian Spring would like to remind Mr. Donik what these plots of land look like in reality: 

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