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    May 10, 2016

    20 songs that bring tears to the eyes of millions of Russians

    Sputnik France, May 9, 2016
    Translation from French by Tom Winter May 10

    "Victory at all costs," "Wait for me, I'll return, but wait for me"* ... What beautiful sayings to celebrate the victory of the peoples liberated from the Nazis! On the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the end of World War II, Sputnik invites you to discover a selection of the best Russian military songs.

    The Second World War left a deep scar in our collective memory, an imprint that nobody will ever forget. Beyond carnage that would freeze the blood, and the paroxysms of human cruelty, this war has also aroused in all hearts the greatest human qualities, like valor, fraternal love, solidarity, and above all the hope. Hope one day to make the world fairer, more beautiful, happier.
     ...Singing peace ... mourning the dead ... invoking the faces of the lost, for freedom.

    Strange that this set puts "Wait for me" [Жди меня] in the lead paragraph but then omits it. Try the link in the brackets -- Tr. I have omitted translating the French versions of the Russian lyrics.

    1. Katyusha (fond diminutive form of Katherine)
    Veritable symbol of loyalty and love, the song Katyusha is always on everyone's lips. It has become the unofficial anthem of the Victory Day in Russia.

    [This is not the version in the article, I couldn't load it. It showed thousands in the Metro singing it together. But here is a screen capture from it:

    2. The Cranes are Flying
    Very nice tribute to our fallen.

    3. On behalf of the heroes of the past 

    Maternal love ... A song to stir any heart. 

    4. The Little Blue Scarf

    5. In the Trenches
    6. The May Waltz

    7. Anthem for the Normandie-Niemen Squadron

    8. The Tenth Battalion

    This version has the lyrics in both Russian and English.

    9. The Slavianka's Adieu

    [A favorite of your translator]

    10. Alyosha

    11. The Brunette of Moldova

    12. Arise, Great Country [Гумн защиты отечества, Anthem of the Defense of the Fatherland. Very stirring.]
    13. Above all else, the airplanes

    14. On a nameless hill

    15. Now on the road!

    16. Farewell, young men
    17. Dark night; bullets whistle over the steppes
    18. Ah, the route to the front
    19. Accidental Waltz
    20. Victory Day [День победы]

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