Russia Shows off Military Equipment at the Rehearsal of the Victory Day Parade 2016

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April 18,

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

On April
11th, 2016, in a small town of Alabino in Moscow Oblast, the first open rehearsal
for May 9th Victory Day Military Parade was held; media representatives
were also invited.

This year
the S-400 SAMs and a separate group of the BTR-82A are not going to participate
in the parade, but the AMN 233114 Tiger-M (Russian 4×4 all-terrain IMV) with
Arbalet-DM combat module will be there, also the Boomerang APC’s appearance has
been changed. 

The T-14 tank (object 148) on heavy tracked Armata unified combat platform 


Infantry Fighting Vehicle (object 695) on Kurganets-25 medium tracked unified platform

Armoured Personnel Carrier (object 693) on Kurganets-25 medium tracked unified platform

152mm Self-Propelled Artillery System 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV

A slightly changed “VPK-7829” APC on the “Boomerang” unified wheel combat platform

The “Kornet-D” ATGM mounted on the VPK-233116 “Tiger-M” vehicle



T-90A Main Battle Tank

The AMN 233114 Tiger-M with “Arbalet-DM” combat module and APU 15U175M of RS-24 “Yars” ICBM

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