DPR outraged by Kiev’s Demands to Shift the Discussion on Donbass Elections

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th April, 2016


The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic reminded Kiev that the holding of local elections in Donbass must precede the implementation of the political part of the package of measures of the Minsk agreements, and not discussions of a “philosophical nature”.

As was stated by the DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova, elections are one of the instruments of power that contain a clear timeline stage, principles, and rules of the election process.

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“Again we remind you that the prerequisites for the holding of elections is not a withdrawal of mythical Russian troops and the liquidation of the “Donetsk terrorists”. It is constitutional reform in Ukraine taking into account the peculiarities of the individual areas of Donbass, the enactment of the law on the special status, the prosecution of persons – participants of events in Donbass, and other measures that are clearly indicated in the package of measures of 12th February 2015, which are binding for even politicians of such class as Mr. Parubiy (the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrey Parubiy),” said Nikonorova.

The DPR is outraged by Parubiy’s statements about the need to shift the debate on local elections in the Donbass.

“After almost a year of the political negotiation process and sub-modalities of the elections, Mr. Andriy Parubiy decided to consolidate all the work done by the representatives of the Republics, the OSCE, Russia, and Ukraine to find a compromise in the form of a kind of “philosophical discussion”. It is gratifying that Mr. Parubiy is thinking about the fundamental principles of being and the universal laws of development of world and society. However, in connection with this election I advise him to refer to Constitution of Ukraine,” she said.

Kiev wants a philosophical-ideological discussion

Previously, Parubiy said in an interview to the agency “Interfax-Ukraine” that, before discussing the possibility of including provisions on Donbass or the holding of elections in uncontrolled Kiev territories in the Constitution, the first item of the Minsk agreements must be completed – the ceasefire.

In addition, he stated that the discussion on the elections “must be philosophical in nature and not just technical”.

“And this must be the preconditions that would ensure the mechanism for the election,” he said.

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