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Ukrainian Mengele?

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

3rd March, 2016


Need more info on this Nazi

Nothing special, just a doctor from Nikolaev calling for the mass killing of residents of Donbass. Female. Named Natalya Nikolaeva. Judging by her posts and subscriptions: probably a psychologist.

“Kill them. Calmly and cooly. Without regret. Like fungus with Domestos. I’m not sorry. At all.”

Well, more frankly and what’s not said… Our doctor is cool and calm, like Dr. Mengele in Auschwitz. 

Of course, we are talking about all the residents of Donbass. Children, women, the elderly. About millions. 

Here is some else interesting. She then turns to her friend from the Aidar batallion with a very specific request.

“Ruslan, do not spare them. They are fungus, without a brain, they’re not people. Soak them.”

A friend: Barabolenko Ruslan hails from Kherson, residing in Vinnitsa.

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Our lady lost everything. From what has been successfully captured on screenshot: Studied at the Odessa national medical University. Lives in Nikolaev. Working at “National guard of Ukraine” (But not sure, it’s known that housewives like to show up in this way on FB).

She’s in these groups.





They are friends in the city of Nikolaev. 

Pages she likes. 

I appeal to caring companions. Repost this info. The more people know, the more likely that among them will be those who know, for example, the place of residence of this lady, exact location, etc.

I really want to know more.

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