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Communist Party of the Russian Federation recognizes the Communist Party of Lugansk

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March 18th, 2016 ~ Fort Russ ~

Semen Doroshenko – Politnavigator – translated by J. Flores ~

(Editor’s note – this is significant for two reasons – 1, the new CP rejects the line of the old CP which tried to remain ‘legal’ in the eyes of Kiev, and did not recognize the LPR and 2., Russia’s official CP now recognizes this CP, and by extension, also condemns the old line that was against independence from Kiev.)

March 12th, 2016 at the initiative of the majority of city and district committees of the Communist Party, and public organizations of the “Union of Communists of the Lugansk region,” “The People’s Movement for the Restoration of Donbass”, “Heritage”, the 1st Constituent Congress of the Communist Party of the Lugansk People’s Republic was held, in Lugansk.

It is reported that more than 100 delegates attended the congress. As guests coming to the Congress were the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Boris Litvinov and 2nd Secretary of the Communist Party of the DPR Nikolay Zhuravlev. The Communist Party Congress in Lugansk alsso had representatives of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Kazbek Taysaev – State Duma deputy, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots.

“The deputy of the People’s Council of LC (LPR), the former head of the Communist Party faction in the Lugansk regional council Alexander Andrianov, announced his entry into the steering committee for the LC, condemning the betrayal of former head of the Lugansk regional committee of the Communist Party who did not support the will of Lugansk on the referendum on independence and the collapse of the LC regional party organization. On behalf of the party organization of Krasny Luch, the speaker said that “the need to create KPLPR not only ripe but overdue.”

Former 1st secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party of Lugansk (. 1995-2003) Vladimir Zemlyakov also expressed support for “participation in the KPLNR and reminded the audience of the responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the Communists in a difficult time for the Lugansk region, “.

The participants of the Congress of the Communist Party of LC “have unanimously condemned the betrayal of the former first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party of Lugansk S. Kilinkarova, which was just a pseudo-opposition, and together with their cohorts and elites in Lugansk from Kiev, together with the neo-Nazi political technocratic Kiev authorities, engaged in a dirty campaign to discredit the Communist Party, for which he was expelled by a resolution of the joint plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party from the ranks of the Communist Party of Ukraine. “

In his speech at the Luganks Congress, Kazbek Taysaev wished the communists resoluteness, purposefulness, the energy in the fight for “our common victory” and said:

“Creation of the Communist Party of the LC was a logical continuation of the tremendous work done by the Communists in Lugansk, carries much weight and is vital for the republic. Since the first days of military confrontation, and then in a difficult period of reconstruction of the economy destroyed by the war, the Communists were in the forefront, setting an example of exceptional resistance, courage and devotion to the ideals of freedom and independence. “

The congress elected the governing bodies of the Communist Party of the LC. First Secretary of the Central Committee KPLNR unanimously elected Igor Gumenyuk as leader of the Union of Communists of Lugansk, and secretaries of the Central Committee: Valentin Popov and Oleg Popov, Chairman of the Central Auditing Commission Vadim Lisitsyn.

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