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    February 16, 2016

    The Threat of an Armed Coup in Kiev Is Stronger Than Ever

    Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
    16th February, 2016

    In Ukraine, there is a real threat of armed revolution as never before, there will not be a third peaceful Maidan, and this is related to the suspension of IMF lending to the Republic.

    This was stated by the former Deputy Minister of Finance Igor Umansky in an interview with the Internet-newspaper "Country,"

    "The IMF saw and assessed the situation approximately as a political explosion, which in the short term may lead to the collapse of Executive power, the collapse of the coalition, the resignation of the government and as a result - early parliamentary elections. Perhaps, and not only... I'm talking about the possibility of an armed seizure of power. There will not be a third Maidan in the next few years. But you probably realize how much today's people are aggressive, armed and very radicalized in Ukraine. For many of them there are no shades of grey. The probability of a military scenario, an armed seizure of power with all the consequences, is as high as ever. No one will rise to defend the authority, neither the army nor the police. Implications – another Makhno, civil war, looting and the collapse of the country", — said Umansky.

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