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The Biden List will shake up the Ukrainian puppets

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Biden chairs the Cabinet meeting in Kiev during his previous visit

December 2, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

During his visit to Kyiv Biden will bring a list of those who should be removed from Ukrainian politicians – source

Sources are confident that Martynenko will be on this list

Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden during his visit to Kiev on December 7 will bring a list of those who should be removed from Ukrainian politics, argues the 112.ua article “The Biden List: Martynenko will not be the only one to loose his mandate”.

“The U.S. has a list of people in the circles of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Kolomoisky, as well as Yatsenyuk, who, in the opinion of official Washington, must be out of Ukrainian politics. Martynenko is among them. He is practically a downed pilot. The list will be brought to Kiev by the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden during his visit,” – say the sources in the Verkhovnaya Rada.

We will remind you that on November 30 people’s deputy Nikolay Martynenko, who was charged with corruption, announced that he is surrendering his mandate. Our sources are convinced that this decision was taken under pressure from Washington. Today it was approved by the American Ambassador, who noted that in Ukraine “there is no place for corruption, nepotism”.

Also during Biden’s visit to Kiev talks on reformatting the Cabinet will be held. 


The US ambassador said that yesterday was “a great day in the war against corruption in Ukraine”

Yesterday was marked by a number of victories in the fight against corruption in Ukraine, wrote US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt on his Twitter page. 

“Yesterday was a big day in the war against corruption in Ukraine. The appointment of a new anti-corruption prosecutor marks a historic opportunity,” – said Payette.

He also endorsed the decision of Mykola Martynenko to step down from the Rada, noting that he thus submitted to the rule of law and confirmed that Ukraine is changing.

“Public officials must be accountable to the people they serve. There is no place for corruption and nepotism,” – said Payette.


The Biden List: Martynenko will not be the only one to loose his mandate


The problem is that Martynenko is a long-term head of the parliamentary committee on fuel and energy industry and unofficially is called the watchman of “Energoatom”. In this regard he was accused of corruption by the former head of State Financial Audit, Nikolay Gordiyenko.

The vote regarding Martynenko at the Rada is scheduled for December 10, or after the Biden visit. 

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