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    December 12, 2015

    Support the Immediate Release of Vladimir Grubnik

    December 12th, 2015 -
    Fort Russ - Joaquin Flores - 

    We're making an appeal to our readers to share this information far and wide.  Our ongoing investigative journalism on the ground in Ukraine, has revealed the following.

    On the the 19th of October 2015, Grubnik Vladimir Yurievich (born 23.03.1983) was arrested in Odessa by the coup regime.

    Vladimir Grubnik is a doctoral candidate of medicine, a lecturer at Odessa National Medical University (Department of surgery), a surgeon at the Odessa Municipal clinical hospital, and a member of the European association for endoscopic surgery, EAES.

    Ukrainian authorities accuse him of participation in terrorist activities, while he totally denies these accusations. 

    During the process of detention, he was beaten repeatedly, and continues to suffer ongoing abuse at the hands of Odessa authorities. 

    You can see the the reality of these beatings, which have previously been published in local media, and in this video:

    Throughout his incarceration, he has been regularly beaten and tortured.  He is being denied adequate medical care, and has developed symptoms of tuberculosis. We have every reason to believe that in the future the conditions of  his detention will only get worse, as his health will continue to deteriorate. 

    Thus he will need outside help, and more media publicity. Please share this article far and wide. 

    We are left to deduce that all these actions are a part of  a primitive tactic to push professionals out of their fields, to make vacant their positions for the relatives of people who support the present regime in Kiev and Odessa, as a result of the coup which took place last year. They have already done that with law enforcement, where the leading positions were taken illegally by accomplices of Mikhail Saakashvili, a criminal fugitive on the wanted list in Georgia. 

    Another reason for Vladimir’s arrest may be his civic position which he has never tried to hide. He took part in public events and meetings and openly took a position that opposed the central administration’s.

    We hope that this egregious case of human rights violation can be evaluated properly outside of Ukraine, by the European and international community. We also hope that this case can be legally evaluated on the international level ,and that Vladimir himself can get help from European organizations which protect human rights and freedoms.

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