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    February 19, 2015

    Semenchenko announces "Volunteer Movement Coordinating HQ"


    Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

    Part of the volunteer battalions and volunteer organizations have created a Coordinating HQ for the Volunteer Movement and signed a Memorandum which is open to be signed by all patriotic forces.

    This, and the need to distract attention from Debaltsevo, has caused mass hysteria on the Internet. Analyzing the structure of the hysteria, I came to the conclusion that it’s the same “narrow group” of people which has systematically disinformed the President (I discussed it in my preceding post) is now conducting a discreditation campaign of the volunteer movement hiding behind various masks. It’s not the FSB. It’s worse than that. But let’s not talk about it now.

    I want to explain why the HQ was created, and why it was not created.

    The HQ is NOT created:

    --As a parallel GenStaff. That’s a propaganda cliché which is used as non-constructive criticism of our initiative.
    --To pressure the President. Rather the opposite, it’s there to help.
    --To carry out violent actions inside the country against the government or political system (along the lines of military coups or “third Maidans”).
    --to carry out a separate war (nonsense).
    --To discredit the existing GenStaff (it performs that function quite effectively on its own).
    --To advance the interests of any oligarchs (they do that effectively without us).

    The HQ was created:
    --to exchange information (although we have already done that on a more primitive level).
    --to coordinate measures aimed at dealing with socioeconomic problems.
    --to address the problems of equipping the volunteer battalions.
    --to raise the level of professionalism of officers and soldiers in the volunteer battalions.
    --to combat crime carried out by volunteers or people who pretend to be volunteers (we have created an honor court).
    --to avert internal conflicts that might splinter the volunteer movement.
    --to create an alternative channel of information for the country’s highest leadership.
    --to support the process of mobilizing volunteers.
    --to address the question of Ukraine’s territorial defense.

    Does that mean that we will not subordinate ourselves to state structures? No. No it does not. For example, the Donbass battalion has never refused an order. It showed mass heroism. It became one of the symbols of the struggle for Ukraine’s independence (which is why the battalion is so hated by enemies within and without).

    Those patriotic organizations which are ready to take part in the HQ’s work can obtain additional information by calling (067)5617173. (098) 813-42-44.

    I am turning to the Ukrainian Security Service and the Presidential Administration. We are prepared to invite your representatives as observers at our HQ. If you want that.

    ONE OF the organizers of the HQ
    Commander of the Donbass Volunteer Battalion
    Ukraine People’s Deputy
    First Deputy Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense
    Semenchenko S.I.

    J.Hawk’s Comment: The timing could not be more perfect. The UAF had suffered a major defeat, the troops are demoralized, the President is acting like a buffoon, who will save the day? Why, it’s the Volunteer Movement to the rescue!

    It’s relatively clear what the plan of action here is. The objective is not to overthrow Poroshenko. That would be overly provocative to the West. Instead, the objective is to purge the people close to him (they are the ones who are "worse than the FSB"), weaken all other state institutions, and usurp their authority. A revolution from within.
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