Frontline Update from Givi, Donetsk Airport, November 7, 2014

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“Yesterday was a very difficult day, first – for us, and then – for them.

The city was hit with two packages of Grad, damaging houses very badly and a store.

On our side – one 300th (wounded).

One of the commanders of the tank regiment in the rank of Colonel and 9 officers were killed on enemy side, destroyed 4 tanks, 2 Grads, 2 artillery batteries, a convoy in Peski: 4 Urals with ammo, 4 tanks and 2 BMP’s.

In small skirmishes destroyed: mortar installations, 2 radio points on a base in Avdeevka, a locator, involved in radio interception, from the infantry – about 160 – 170 people.

In the evening there was an attempted break with tanks and BMPs.

The firing continues, at any moment we are ready to put up a defense or go on the offensive”

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