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Army of Novorossia has 27 thousand people

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Image: South Front

Army of Novorossia formed four attack groups: Lugansk, Gorlovka-Donetsk, Volnovakha-Telmanovo and Novoazovsk, which consists of 24-27 thousand people.

This was reported by the head of Ukrainian  “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk.

According to him, “the Russian-terrorist troops completed the formation of 4 attack groups: Lugansk (near Pervomaisk-Lugansk-Stanitsa Luganskaja); Gorlovka- Donetsk; Volnovakha-Telmanovo; Novoazovsk,” – he writes.

In the composition of these groups, according to Tymchuk: “About 14-15 thousands of Russian mercenaries and soldiers of the Russian Federation, as well as 10-12 thousand of local militia”.

Also in the composition of these groups:
– 110-115 tanks;
– 250-280 AFV (armoured fighting vehicles) type IFV, APC;
– 80-100 guns of artillery and MLRS units;
– about 500 vehicles (army armored trucks and tankers to improvised gun-tracks).

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