Even Ukrainian troops are intimidated by unruly armed Ukrainian gangs

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In Schastje there are armed Ukrainian gangs, which do not obey Kiev and intimidate Ukrainians. This was told by former Maidan activist, and now a fighter of “Zoloti Vorota” squadron, Cossack Mikhaylo Gavrilyuk:

“Golden Gate” has long ago left the area of Schastje. There it’s not quiet, although we have a ceasfire in our state. Those troops do not obey Ukrainian government. We call them Makhno. They come on trucks with mortar installations. They come to one place – then something blows up – they escape; something blows up on another side – they run away again. Bandits are out in full force. Their goal is to show that this is a war, and peace means nothing for them,” – said Gavrilyuk.

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