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    January 10, 2018

    Ukrainian nationalists in the way of EU integration

    January 10, 2018 - FRN - 

    The constantly erupting interethnic and confessional conflicts in Ukraine are becoming the next point of conflict between the official Kiev regime and the EU. This opinion was expressed at a press conference by Ukrainian political scientist Kirill Molchanov.

    "Another conflict point between the EU and Ukraine will be the humanitarian agenda, at least with individual EU members. All that is related to language issues (the Law on Education), questions of history, religion. 

    There are already concrete statements from both Hungary and Poland that they are not going to put up with this and will firmly defend their national interests in the form in which they see fit.

    The trouble is that in Ukraine there are a number of politicians who want to play these humanitarian cards, in order, firstly, to somehow distract attention from domestic social and economic issues, and, secondly, to bring under themselves an ultra-right electorate. And the fact that it will cause huge damage to the political, social and religious situation in the country, they are not interested in. They will stir up hatred and sow discord in the country regardless, " Molchanov said.

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