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    September 12, 2017

    Lugansk News Round-Up: While Ukrainians set Mine Traps, LPR hosts Economic Forum

    September 12, 2017 - Fort Russ - 
    By the Editorial Board of The Cossack Herald - c.e. by J. Arnoldski -

    The banner of the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy of the Lugansk People's Republic

    Amnesty for “ATO" punitive forces

    Poroshenko has signed a decree entitled "On the 2016 Amnesty” which grants amnesty to convicted fighters of the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone” in Donbass, freeing them of accountability on the grounds that they “have not committed any serious crimes.” This resolution was announced by the President of Ukraine after meeting with churches leaders and Heroes of Ukraine on September 2nd, 2017. 

    The law on amnesty was adopted in 2016, but Poroshenko refused to sign and enact it for almost a whole year. Now the situation has changed dramatically. At the moment, opposing forces in Ukraine leadership headed by Turchynov and Avakov with the support of Tymoshenko are clearly preparing to remove Poroshenko from power. As they intend to use ATO veterans as the foot soldiers for a new Maidan or a coup, Poroshenko is forced to lend the Nazis a hand, appeasing them and releasing them from prison sentences for crimes committed in Donbass. 

    This move will only encourage the feeling of permissiveness and impunity for those punitive forces who continue to commit crimes against civilians in the "ATO" zone, reports of which come in every day. At the same time, official Kiev authorities are flatly refusing to apply the general amnesty provided for by the Minsk Agreements to Donbass militiamen, instead insisting that the issue should be decided on an individual case basis.

    Ukrainian saboteurs lure LPR servicemen into mine traps

    Three servicemen of the People's Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic were killed and another one was wounded as a result of a mine explosion during the extinguishing of a fire. This trap was organized by Kiev saboteurs near the village of Sokolniki (Slavyano-Serbsk region), as has been reported by the official spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of the LPR, Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko.

    "On September 4th, the enemy mined a field near the village of Sokolniki. Afterwards, in order to attract servicemen of the People's Militia to the mined area, they set fire to dry grass. During the extinguishing of the fire, the mine exploded," Marochko added.

    Lugansk hosts 2nd Economic Forum and Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy

    The Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economic 2017, or EANE, was held on September 2nd at Avangard Stadium in Lugansk. The event was divided into two exhibitions. On the first floor it featured more than 115 enterprises from the metallurgical, machine-building, coal, jewelry, chemical, and agricultural industries, trade enterprises, and others. On the second floor, an exhibition fair was organized in which more than 400 manufacturers from all of the Republic's regions took part.

    As a result of the exhibition, more than ten cooperation agreements were signed with representatives from Saint Petersburg, Crimea and Russia’s Rostov region in light industry, the machine building industry, and other spheres. 

    The day before the EANE, on September 1st,  the capital of the LPR also hosted the 2nd Economic Forum in which more than 400 representatives took part. The forum gathered more than 400 international experts in the field of economy and business, representatives of various ministries and departments, authoritative scientists, and business representatives from the LPR, DPR, Russia, Abkhazia, and the Republic of South Ossetia. Arab countries, Finland, various public organizations, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Trade Union Organizations also showed interest in the forum.

    The Lugansk People's Republic presented more than 100 investment proposals for a number of free land plots and industrial sites.

    The Ministry of Economic Development of the LPR plans to prepare and publish a catalogue of the enterprises that took part in the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy "EANA LPR-2017" by November 1st. The catalogue is set to become a kind of business card for the industrial potential of the Republic, and it will be distributed in Russia, the DPR, and other countries, which is to help attract business partners and new markets for products.

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