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    March 12, 2017

    Fort Russ Weekly News Highlights - Week of March 6th 2017

    March 12th, 2017 - Fort Russ News - 
    - Fort Russ Editorial Team - 

    For our Sunday readers, we bring to you the week's highlights in the news. Click on the headlines below for further reading.


    March 6th: Russia to recognize Lugansk passports - Plotnitsky weighs in on the socio-political significance

    March 6th: Republika Srpska president deplores the West's double standards - interview with Dodik


    March 6th: Wanted tie-eating criminal Mikhail Saakashvili thinks he can be the new Ukraine's George Washington 

    March 7th: Terrorists Claim to Have Struck Damascus with SCUD Missiles [Video]

    March 7th: Syrian Army Destroys more Terrorist Supply routes


    March 7th: Yatsenyuk ridiculed and caught lying on BBC

    March 8th: Putin Congratulates liberators of Palmyra as US is mum 

    March 8th: Serbia conducts surprise inspection of military as tensions rise

    March 8th: Kiev Admits - No Russian invasion

    March 8th: From Russia with Love - International Women's Day [video]

    March 8th: Major Pedophilia ring bust in Slovenia

    March 9th: Turk FM gives far-right 'Grey Wolves' hand sign - causes row

    March 9th: Kremlin - Wikileaks wiretapping issue "deserves attention"

    March 10th: Rising tensions - Foreign mercenaries deploy to Ukraine border with Donbass 

    March 10th: Tired of Winning - Clinton attempted to take Russian money exchange for sanctions relief

    March 11th: Kiev Cuts Water to Lugansk

    March 11th: Dozens killed in Damascus Terrorist attack

    March 11th: Turkish FM denied entry to Netherlands

    March 11th: Ukrainian Captive names Motorola's Killer

    March 11th: Turks Shell Village as Russians arrive

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