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    November 7, 2016

    Saakashvili resigns as Odessa governor, declares war on Poroshenko

    November 7, 2016 - Fort Russ News - 
    PolitNavigator - translated by J. Arnoldski -

    Former Georgian politician and wanted criminal Mikhail Saakashvili has announced his resignation from the post of governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region. Saakashvili accused Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko of covering up corruption and failing to fulfill promises.

    “I wanted there to be the same tempo of development here as in Batumi. But Batumi started to develop only after Tbilisi was liberated from the corrupt. And Odessa will start to develop only after Kiev is liberated from the corrupt who are patronizing banditry and lawlessness, including in the Odessa region. Therefore, in this situation, I’ve decided to resign and begin a new stage of struggle. I will not give up…I am a soldier who will do as much as I can and as much as is necessary to rid Ukraine of this filth that has betrayed the idea of the Ukrainian Revolution and who have only one motivation - lining their own pockets,” Saakashvili stated. 

    Saakashvili announced his resignation in front of the new administrative building of the Odessa seaport. 

    “I’ve really had enough. I am really tied. We can see that the forces of regress are attacking everything progressive. All new beginnings are being nipped in the bud. All of this is happening in front of the very eyes of all of Ukraine..What difference is there for Ukrainians - who will treat them more carelessly - Poroshenko or Yanukovych?…When we spoke about how we would change everything, President Poroshenko told me that Yatsenyuk is hindering him. We created a movement for purging and helped get rid of Yatsenyuk. And how did this end?…No one in my life has ever deceived me so cynically!”, Saakashvili screamed into the microphone. 

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