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    May 10, 2016

    Ukrainian Police Lock "Immortal Regiment" In Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

    Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
    10th May, 2016

    Radicals staged a real annihilation yesterday in honor of Victory Day in an almost European capital. And oddly enough, neo-Nazis gladly joined in the general lawlessness of the Kiev police, although nothing is strange about this. Lately, the law enforcement system of Ukraine is not much different from illegal armed groups, and in the case of Ukrainian nationalists, the cops act more often as partners or a common roof.

    And while in different parts of the city the cops only silently watched the excesses of nonconformists, and even covered them from people's wrath. Their colleagues at Sophia square decided to take a more active part and turned into real inquisitors.

    Kiev police locked hundreds of people in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra who came to the temple from a procession and were going to join later to "the Immortal regiment" in the Park of Glory.

    The cops were unable to explain to neither the journalists, nor the victims of this kind of lynching. A little later, the top leadership tried to justify the punitive methods to protect the congregation from possible collisions with radicals, which at the time the city centre was flooded with.

    The silly excuses of the authorities will not be able to justify themselves in the form of criminals in uniform, especially in the eyes of the victims. The participants in the procession had to fight to break through a police cordon, and the capital now will remember pensioners pawing through solid fences and barricades hastily put together.

    The president of the companions was not shy in choosing their means in order to break up the "Immortal regiment" march, and this embarrassing incident is just one of the hundreds of conflicts and clashes arranged on this day on behalf of the Ukrainian elite.

    Anyway, Ukrainians showed such unanimity and solidarity and in unison, swept filth from the streets of their cities. A fleeting victory, but still a victory. On such a memorable day  the "Immortal regiment" conquered Ukraine.

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