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    May 30, 2016

    Sshhh! Don't tell Obama: US Library of Congress Contains Proof of OUN Nuremberg Conviction

    Translated and Edited by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
    30th May, 2016

    The Brandenburg-800 regiment played an important role in the attack on the Soviet Union. Two battalions - Nahtigal and Roland - were Banderists.

    This is confirmed on a page in a PDF book from the US library of Congress with the Protocol of the Nuremberg trials. It is impossible for it to be faked.

    Thus, Bandera, Shukhevych, and the OUN in general was an important part of the Barbarossa plan  - the attack on the Soviet Union.

    Of course, Ukrainian Nazis will scream that it is a fake and that is not in the Protocol, and that it is all propaganda. But everything is there.

    Stepan Bandera street crosses with the UPA heroes street. At the intersection of these streets is a square with a monument to Nazi Stepan Bandera.

    Lviv - Western Ukraine. Intersection of the Melnik and Konovalets 
    Street, who were both Abwer-2 agents during WW2, which is directly proven in the Nuremberg Tribunal documents.

    Examples of OUN/UPA involvement in German Nachtigall Battalion:

    VONSUL Ivan - "Maksim"

    Javorsky Kasimir-Yaroslav Andreevich

    Ostap Lynda - "Yarema"

    [O.R: The above information puts the current US support for the neo-nazi regime in Kiev into perspective. Contained in the US Library of Congress, a national library, is a document that directly highlights the hypocrisy and double standards of both condemning Hitler and his party and, in 2014, voting against Russia's bill anti-Nazism bill at the UN General Assembly.]


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