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    May 13, 2016

    Regor Vitaly - Cannon Fodder for the Next Cauldron

    Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
    13th May, 2016

    Some data was mined about the Nazi who was aggressive to a girl and her mother. It is mostly information taken from the this scumbag's VK profile. Some started to say that his page is blocked or it was removed, but there it is - the page is still working. 

    At first it seemed that we know the name of the monster, but no. Erwin Rommel is a German field Marshal and commander of the Nazi forces in North Africa. This kind of nickname this Cossack has. 

    Here is a link to his old account on VKontakte  Regor Vitaliy, aka Vitaly Kafira. Education: NAU (aviation) (ex. KIIGA, KMUGA). Place of residence: Kiev region, Boyarka. School - 1998-2008.

    Oh, by the way, I got his phone number. I can't exactly vouch that this number still belongs to him, but in the autumn of last year this number was his. For who ever wants to ring: 934125216.

    His address of residence was taken from a comment: Boyarka, 2 Chernyshevsky Street #18, Phone: 0934125216 (a bit different from the previous number), e-mail:

    Also found here is information such as:

    Addresses of residence are different, but it could be because scum can live in different places. 

    Criminal chronicle of Vitaly: Police patrol arrested ATO soldier

    Judging by all of his new pictures, this baboon is in the punitive "Azov" battalion. He does not hide this in any way and boasts about it - the Sieg Heil, offensive Nazi symbols, and constantly speaks about his exercises and drills. It is clear that this filling (cannon fodder) is being prepared for the next cauldron:

    A Sieg Heil out of uniform:

    Any involvement in the incident? Look at this mug and his picture:

    Further, this video is posted on his account: May 9th, 2016. In Kiev A St. George's ribbon provoked clashes in Kiev during the "Immortal regiment" celebration. There was a scuffle near the "Arsenalnaya" metro station, the nearest to the Park of Glory. One of the participants noticed the St. George ribbon's and red flag on one of the women, and demanded that she remove the ribbon.

    He's not ashamed to post this video on his page, read comments left on this video. The comments are bad language after bad language:

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