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    May 23, 2016

    Odessa Maidan Activist: Return Donbass Only With Carpet Bombing

    Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
    24th May, 2016

    Notorious "Euromaidan" activist, the head of the Odessa crisis media center Alena Balaba called the Minsk agreements a dead end.

    She wrote about this on her page on Facebook.

    "The Minsk agreements are a dead end. What was supposed to be completed before 31st December 2015 will never be fulfilled. There are negotiations going on in higher circles, like in February 2014. Wives negotiate with other stranger husband's wivesgodfathers with lovers, and so on. And now — Akhmetov goes and finds common ground directly with Putin and the West, and someone else "compromises,"... as with the negotiations with Crimea. The page, about which we still do not really know, we'll see when we'll take it back. We'll return it ourselves, without all those hucksters. The Minsk agreements may end at any time, because people with guns just cannot stand the nerves," writes Balaba.

    In her opinion, "we are all on a huge powder keg, and even try to play on it with matches".

    "I have repeatedly talked with the  many people in the military. Everyone says there are two ways to return Donbass: 
    1. carpet bombing and full cleansing, which, of course, will never happen, because we are not Russia in Chechnya. 

    2. The other option is the active work of our sabotage and reconnaissance groups to eliminate the leaders of "militia" and Russian commanders in the occupied territories, but at the same time - introduce Ukrainian patriotic education in the liberated territories, which in itself includes, first of all, the active work of our media," said Balaba.
    In the comments to this post, the activist added: "we should not carpet bomb. But it is necessary to talk with ours there... Well, and eliminate their commanders, despicable and brazenly, how else?"

    In addition, Balaba lamented that "there are no Ukrainian TV channels in the [UAF] liberated territories of Donbass".

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