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    May 10, 2016

    Azov attacks UAF marines caught celebrating Victory Day with veterans

    May 10, 2016  - 
    Translated by J. Arnoldski 

    On Victory Day, fighters from the nationalist “Azov” group attacked marine corps servicemen who had decided to celebrate the holiday with veterans.

    “On May 9th, skirmishes were recorded between the nationalist Azov regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard and servicemen of the 36th Marine Battalion near Mariupol,” Eduard Basurin, the deputy head of the operative command of the DPR, reported to DAN agency. “In particular, the marine servicemen were celebrating Victory Day and invited veterans of the Great Patriotic War to honor the victory, but the commemorative event was disrupted by drunken nationalists.” 

    As a result of the brawl with Azov fighters, up to seven marines and multiple attackers were injured. 

    “In order to intimidate the servicemen, the radicals fired their guns into the air,” Basurin reported, but “the veterans were not harmed.” 

    The deputy commander added that the intelligence services of the Republic have revealed that commanders of the Azov punitive regiment have been engaged in money-laundering. 

    “In particular, for the personal enrichment of the leaders, the personnel of the regiment includes lists of persons whose service is delayed for six months from the beginning,” Basurin said. “The commanders take the money, in connection with which there are cases of the mass re-deployment of military personnel to serve in the 93rd ombrigade.”

    Earlier, DPR intelligence services repeatedly documented collisions between military servicemen of the regular UAF on one hand and the fighters of extremist and mercenary forces on the other. In some cases, the collisions involved the use of firearms. In one case, a shootout with Azov militants killed two marines. 

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