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    April 20, 2016

    CIA Agents in Russia

    Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
    20th April, 2016

    Diagnosis of the "Professional" system, by M. Kryzhanovsky.

    • Navalny — schizophrenic. Symptoms: incoherent, illogical speech, a "glass" eye expression. A socially dangerous moron calling to down police helicopters.
    • Nemtsov — schizophrenic. Symptoms: delusions of grandeur, narcissism, is a pathological liar, often uncessarily.
    • Udaltsov — an imbecile, can barely form sentences from words.
    • Bykov — schizophrenic. Symptoms: uncontrolled flow of speech.
    • Venediktov — schizophrenic. Symptoms: aggressive, uncontrolled negativism.
    • Gelman — schizophrenic. Symptoms: illogic judgments.
    • Gudkov — chronic alcoholic, schizophrenic. Symptoms: unmotivated aggressiveness.
    • Kasparov — violent schizophrenic. Symptoms: uncontrolled aggression, negativism, narcissism.
    • Ryzhkov — a moron, can hardly construct phrases.
    • L.Ponomaryov — a moron, a chronic alcoholic (explicit degenerative heredity judging by appearance).
    • Khodorkovsky — schizophrenic. Symptoms: lethargic behavior, lack of logic and consistency instatements, detached.
    • Chirikova — violent, socially dangerous schizophrenic. Symptoms: uncontrolled behavior. Chirikova herself does not know what to do next. Needs urgent hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic.

    • Shenderovich — schizophrenic. Symptoms: extreme, unexplained negativism towards surrounding reality.
    • Kasyanov — schizophrenic. Symptoms: delusions of grandeur.
    • Latynina — a lunatic. Symptoms: pathological lying.
    • I.Ponomarev — a chronic alcoholic, imbecile, difficulty articulating thoughts.
    • Sobchak — violent schizophrenic, exhibitionist, is suffering from an inferiority complex in relation to external deformity, can hardly form sentences from words.
    • Tolokonnikova — retarded person, a prostitute, a social nonentity.
    • Yashin — schizophrenic. Symptoms: lethargic psyche.
    • Albats — schizophrenic. Symptoms: futility and illogical statements and words.
    • Gessen — schizophrenia, caused most likely by an addiction to drugs.
    • Kuritsyna (Bozena Rynska) — violent schizophrenic, suffering from an inferiority complex. Famously devoid of any sense and logic, with statements like "willing to sell themselves to a millionaire to be free."
    • Akunin — schizophrenic. Symptoms: delusions of grandeur.

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky is a former intelligence officer of the KGB, illegal immigrant of the SBU, the CIA, and the FBI.

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