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    January 26, 2016

    Zakharchenko advises Poroshenko to worry about the legitimacy of his own defective status

    Antifascist, January 26, 2016

    Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

    In contrast to the rather dubious legality of the status of the president of Ukraine, the status of the head of the DNR is absolutely legitimate. The mock elections, which Poroshenko supposedly won, "can be regarded as flawed in terms of democratic standards." This was stated by the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko.
    The statement was made in response to the attack of Poroshenko, stating the need to undo the November 2, 2014 elections in the People's Republic, which chose the head and members of parliament.

    The head of the DNR said that undoing the elections will not happen, because they "have absolutely legitimate status.

    "The elections, resulting in Poroshenko becoming president of Ukraine, may justly be considered flawed in terms of democratic standards.

    "Not only that, they were the result of illegal armed revolution, and a great part of the country that picked Poroshenko president, was no longer part of Ukraine. It's not just about the Crimea, but also about the Donbass.

    "So it may be a stretch to count Poroshenko's election legitimate. In Poroshenko's shoes, I would be more worried about the legality of my own status," said the head of the DNR.

    Recall that in early April 2014 the inhabitants of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, not recognizing the legitimacy of the coup, declared the establishment of the People's Republic. When conducted in May of the same year, they held referendums declaring their sovereignty; they have formed their own governments, and in November they held elections to choose heads of republics and parliamentarians.
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