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    June 21, 2015

    "Tornado" battalion leaks: "Without torture life is not a life" (video)

    June 21, 2015

    News 24

    Translated by Kristina Rus

    Call sign "Modjahed": "Without torture life is not life. Nothing raises your energy, as when you have someone's life in your hands"

    Ruslan Onishchenko, "Freeman," commander of Torando: "He is great, the first time when he entered the room with those pederatsts and before f#cking them with electro-shock, he took two electro-schocks to his neck. I will share my feeling with you. Philosophy is as follows, if you are ready to die, you have a right to kill, if you are ready to withstand torture, you have a right to torture others.

    Is this fair?

    "Tolsty": Of course

    Onishchenko: If you are a hole, then sniff a hole. Each one who hits in the nose must take the hit. If you can't take a hit, and can't swallow your bloody saliva, don't hit. All those who can withstand pain can torture others.

    "Tolsty": He has a basement. Come to my basement

    "Modhjahed": Actually it is a "Directors studio"

    Onishchenko: Luke Besson was his student

    "Modjahed": In cooperation with "Tornado Pictures" we are making a very good movie

    Tornado fighter: Mostly detained drunks, alcoholics, homeless, who did maintenance and odd jobs for us. Cars were simply taken from ordinary civilians. They were beaten up with sticks. What you heard on video earlier, really one man was raped, filmed by "Modjahed". We constantly had about 10 captives.  He gave a green light, said, these are your captives, do what you want to them. He joked, life is boring without torture. We had drugs, alcohol, our own fleet of cars. They put on the plates with the name of the battalion, or sold them. "Modhjahed" is one of the top brass, Islamist. Very cruel, the one who recorded video, and I think, he was originally from Belorus. 
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