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    February 16, 2015

    Is Poroshenko Sacrificing the Neo-Nazi Battalions?


    By Yurasumy

    Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

    I would like to draw you attention to three hot spots which display identical characteristics. In all three cases we see intense fighting. In all three cases the fighting is against “volunteer units.” In all three cases they are suffering heavy casualties. And in all three cases they are being…left to their fate.

    No.1. Debaltsevo. There was a flare-up in Kiev concerning the 25th “Kievan Rus” battalion which, according to soldiers’ relatives, was annihilated at Debaltsevo. Yesterday panic broke out concerning the fate of the 40th “Krivbass” battalion. There are a few other “elite” formations for which it makes no sense to surrender. This includes about one company from the Kulchytsky battalion. Although perhaps they’re already gone. There was heavy fighting, and they are not willing to surrender. They are trying to break out, suffering huge losses in process. Novorossia army have dubbed the road they are using the “road of death.” Moreover, there is fighting in the center of Debaltsevo itself.

    No. 2. Shirokino. I already wrote that just prior to the ceasefire and on the morning of the 15th the Azov regiment lost up to a company of its soldiers at Shirokino. The intensity of the fighting is unchanged. It is characterized by artillery bombardments and attempts at local attacks within the town. Azov officially announced that they have lost control over part of the town (what might that mean?) and are constantly reporting heavy losses (they claim 20-40 fighters, but one has to keep in mind that there are many unofficial fighters in the Azov, mainly foreigners. Perhaps they are not being reported, so as not to blow their cover).

    A company from the Donbass battalion that had already suffered heavy losses was thrown there. Three KIA and 9 WIA. Semenchenko already said that they were “betrayed”, although Azov writes on its page that they simply got lost. Perhaps they were not issued compasses. One is left with an impression that somebody is trying to kill off as many of the members of the “pure race”, together with Semenchenko’s kamikaze. Moreover, everyone is interested in that happening. Russia, DPR/LPR, Europe, and…Kiev. It means there are reasons for the fighting. I should note that OSCE and official Kiev are trying to avoid paying attention to Shirokino, mentioning only Debaltsevo, as if that was the only threat to the ceasefire.

    Incidentally, why is UAF artillery silent at Shirokino? Obviously treason.

    No. 3 Stanitsa-Luganskaya, Schastye. There is shelling there. But otherwise no reports. Until today’s report:

    Today the Kulchytsky battalion and the Aidar battalion captured two villages, Bolotnoye and Sizyye, crossed Severskiy Donets river, and came up to the border with Russia. The breakthrough was launched from Stanitsa Luganskaya.

    However, Bolotnoye is a trap. It can be closed from the Russian side and from the Stanitsa Luganskaya side. It’s not clear how the “elite volunteers” were lured into this trap, but one can assume it will soon get very hot for them there.

    The Kiev media are claiming another “victory,” though they are more likely to get another cauldron. But look at the composition of the cauldron. Once again it seems that Kiev has nothing against getting rid of such supporters, as all the subunits mentioned are in opposition to official Kiev policies.

    In conclusion, one has to wonder whether these particular battles are being conducted on purpose. They have so much in common. Including the interested parties.

    P.S. I have one more thought (don’t reject it out of hand). Perhaps someone has decided to decimate Kolomoysky’s army ahead of the Maidan anniversary, so as to eliminate it from the game? One might say by mutual agreement. And with tacit approval of Europe.

    J.Hawk’s Comment: This is a plausible argument, but it implies that the volunteer battalions are too stupid to understand they are being set up to fail. The other possibility is that they are actually trying to destroy the ceasefire and force the UAF to resume fighting, possibly even trigger a more widespread NATO intervention. Because, let’s face it, it’s the volunteer battalions that will have the biggest trouble finding themselves in the post-civil war Ukraine. For all we know, Yarosh’s parallel volunteer HQ is already operational…and it was Turchinov himself who ordered Azov into action at Shirokino. Moreover, if the volunteer units avoid being destroyed in these battles, they will have a compelling argument, and right in time for the Donbass anniversary, that they were “stabbed in the back” by the UAF and Poroshenko.
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