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    February 27, 2015

    "In a year you will not recognize Ukraine, or whatever is left of it"


     Exactly a year ago the Verkhovna Rada nominated Arseniy Yatsenyuk to become the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

    By Aleksandr Mikheychev

    Translated from Russian by J.Hawk 

    In the autumn of 2013, Klichko was shouting on the Maidan: in a year you won’t recognize Ukraine. He was right even though, as always, he had something different in mind.

    Though I am neither a prophet nor Klichko, I will nevertheless confidently predict one thing: in a year you will also not recognize Ukraine, or whatever is left of it.

    By the spring of 2014 Klichko and company came to power. How did that spring begin? By approving the Cabinet of Ministers plan of action.

    Here’s what Yatsenyuk said: “We openly state that the situation is depressing. The government of Ukraine will undertake extremely unpopular measures in order to stabilize the economic situation in the country.” It wasn't even a lie. Except that nobody could even begin to imagine just how unpopular and monstrous those measures would be.

    He said that the short term task of government is to stabilize the situation. He reminded that he was the National Bank of Ukraine chairman in 2004. “The course of the hryvnya at that time fell to 8 hryvnya/dollar. Everyone rushed to buy dollars at that price, only to sell it for 5. Then everyone went to withdraw deposits which meant they lost the interest they’d have earned otherwise, only to return these deposits back to the banks.”

    “The most important thing right now is calm. We have the support of international creditors, the tools and mechanisms of the National Bank, professional bankers, and a stable banking system. We have overcome other crises, we’ll overcome this one too. The government of Ukraine will do everything to stabilize the situation,” Yatsenyuk emphasized.

    Wow. Calm, nothing but calm.

    That’s the kind of stabilization Ukraine got.

    But here is another fantastic, even prophetic, excerpt from the government program: “The government had suffered a nearly complete legal delegitimization and is no longer under the control of society. Citizens deprived of legal methods of defending their rights and freedoms were forced to resort to mass protests, while government actions to suppress them caused numerous human casualties.” They wrote this about the Maidan, but it fits the Donbass. Except that the number of casualties is incomparably worse, and the degree of governmental shamelessness and criminality had increased by an order of magnitude.

    Here are the results promised by the government program:

    “Reducing the level of political and societal tension, restoring legality and order, restoring constitutionality of governmental activities, reducing corruption, increasing the legal protections and security of the citizens. Strengthening national unity and civic consensus in Ukraine. Preventing the collapse of national economy. Unconditional respect for citizens and civil society right to develop their national languages and cultures. Facilitating a comprehensive modernization of the state using European models, expanding the growth of the informational, educational, cultural space for Ukrainian citizens, and their ability to pursue self-fulfillment.”

    One doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Everything, absolutely everything came out exactly the opposite.

    What is Yatsenyuk saying today? “The sooner we adopt corresponding laws, the faster we’ll be able to stabilize the economy.”

    This tune will play forever. Judging by everything that’s happening, in a year Ukraine will either cease to exist as an independent state, or it will have a different government with a different program.

    The first option, I think, is perfectly clear. I see the second one in the shape of a  strict, pro-Russian, police state. There is no third option.
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